THE BEN WINOSKI PROJECT can be seen playing their style of Latin instrumental guitar music at various venues around Regina. Over the past 4 years Ben has made upwards of 200 appearances in Saskatchewan playing this type of music. Ben is an experienced guitar player and teacher, with a diverse background. The Ben Winoski Project is an extension of a previous duo between Ben and guitarist Marc Horn. Revamped and re-energized, The Ben Winoski Project is an adaptable group who are comfortable in quiet formal settings as well as more upbeat venues. They perform as a duo, trio or a four piece. Playing bass is Rob D., who is also the bassist for Regina’s Skavenja. Ben is also joined by Jeff Storry, a guitarist with an extensive heavy metal and theory background. With over 60 years of experience combined, they play traditional music combined with original material.

The Ben Winoski Project is a guitar oriented, Latin themed band, who aim at having fun and entertaining while focusing on feel, dynamics, and musical integrity. They have been very active playing private bookings and are available for parties, formal dinners, backyard entertaining, background music, special events, radio and television. Their plan is to continue playing around Saskatchewan and to expand their fan base while having fun.

Look for The Ben Winoski Project at your local Regina venues.