Always looking for work!!

We are always looking for more work. We are comfortable performing various events, backyard parties, corporate entertaining, casual evenings and more.

Just looking back at the past year of gigs, we have had a really good year. We got together with lots of new people and people who we already know.

I’m looking forward to the next year as well. We hope to do some recordings, write some new material and possibly play some more out of town.


2 comments to Always looking for work!!

  • Dr Randy Gilewich

    You played our xmas party before and was wondering if you would be interested again. Saturday Dec 22nd @ Med Bistro. How many can you bring as you had 3 last time? Let me know availablity and cost. Tx Randy cell 539-0631

  • marc

    Call me .

    You played for us before in 2012


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