June 2nd workshop and performance at the Exchange.

We are playing at the Exchange! It’s been a while so we are really looking forward to it.
Tickets are $15 advance, $20 at the door.
Doors 7:00 – Show 7:30
Opening act is Ben Winoski solo guitar.

Tickets available at Vintage Vinyl (2335 11th Ave) and Sawchyn Guitars (2132 Dewdney Ave.)

Ben Winoski -nylon string guitar
Jeff Storry – electric guitar
Kory Gibbs – percussion
Rob D. – Bass

THE BEN WINOSKI PROJECT can be seen playing their style of Latin instrumental guitar music at various venues around Regina. Over the past 5 years Ben has made hundreds of appearances in Saskatchewan playing this type of music. Ben is an experienced guitar player and teacher, with a diverse background. The Ben Winoski Project is an extension of a previous duo between Ben and guitarist Marc Horn. Revamped and re-energized, The Ben Winoski Project is an adaptable group who are comfortable in quiet formal settings as well as more upbeat venues. They perform as a duo, trio or a four piece. Playing bass is Rob D. ,who is also the bassist for Regina’s Skavenja. Ben is also joined by Jeff Storry, a guitarist with an extensive heavy metal and theory background. On percussion is Kory Gibbs a busy local musician involved in many projects inclding Jeff Straker. With over 80 years of experience combined, they play traditional music combined with original material.
The Ben Winoski Project is a guitar oriented, Latin themed band, who aim at having fun and entertaining while focusing on feel, dynamics,and musical integrity. They have been very active playing private bookings and are available for parties, formal dinners, backyard entertaining, background music, special events, radio and television. Their plan is to continue playing around Saskatchewan and to expand their fan base while having fun.
Afternoon Guitar and Percussion Workshops with Ben Winoski, Kory Gibbs and Jeff Storry. The workshops are $50 each and are two hours in length.

Guitar Workshop with Ben Winoski and Jeff Storry. We will be talking about chords and scales and how they relate to the music the band plays. We will talk about technique and provide handouts. The workshop is aimed at the intermediate guitarist. You do not need to know how to read music to participate. The cost of the workshop is $50, which includes your ticket to the evening performance.

Ben Winoski is a very busy and focused guitar player, spending most of
his free time writing and arranging material for both solo guitar and
for his band. His solo music can be described as instrumental acoustic
guitar covering many genres. Ben’s music crosses between Celtic,
Latin, ragtime, blues, folk, jazz and pop. Exploring both finger style
and flat-picking techniques, Ben has approached the guitar unlike most
others. Ben is mainly self taught aside from some early instruction.
When Ben first started playing, he began to experiment with various
altered tunings and found it was much easier to obtain really open
sounding arrangements using them. Influenced by many guitar players,
Ben has been especially interested in the music of Don Ross, Leo
Kottke, Michael Hedges and Alex Degrassi. Utilizing open tunings,
capos, technical ability and a working knowlwdge of music theory, Ben
is as exciting to watch in person as he is just to listen to.

Jeff Storry has played guitar for over 25 years in various rock, blues, and metal bands. Jeff has been available for private instruction most of that time and has a working knowledge of music theory as it applies to the different styles he plays. Storry has also performed hundreds of times in Saskatchewan as well as on tours in Canada and the US.

Percussion Workshop With Kory Gibbs .Kory Gibbs is a percussionist from Regina, Saskatchewan. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree, as well as a Master of Music degree in percussion performance from the University of Regina. Kory is the sessional percussion instructor at the University of Regina and a band teacher for the Regina Catholic School system at O’Neill High School. He also performs with Jeff Straker and the Handsome Strangers, Sound Society and the Ben Winoski Project among others. E-mail for more details.

To register for the workshop or for more details e-mail

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